Tatiana VlasovaResearcher at Institute of Geography Russian Academy of Sciences Moscow

Tatiana Vlasova is a leading researcher at the Institute of Geography, Russia where she recieved her PhD in social/economic geography. She graduated from Moscow State University's Geographical Department as a physical geographer. Her experience in the Arctic is based on her fieldwork and participation in several international multidisciplinary projects such as; Arctic Climate Impact Assessement where she served as a representative from RAIPON, Local Health and Environmental Reporting from the Indigenous Peoples of the Russian North (UNEP Grid-Arendal), Arctic Social Indicators, and the Arctic Resilience Report as an IASSA representative.

During the IPY 2007-2008 she served as a member of the IPY Committe of Russia and on the Sub-Committe on Observations. Her current research interests include socially-oriented observations and assessments of quality of life conditions and human capital development involving traditional and local knowledge. She is the leader of the project team devoted to the construction to the "Integrated Arctic Socailly-Oriented Observation System" (IASOS), a network of observation sites in the Russian North, supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR). Tatiana has represented IASSA on several projects (e.g. Arctic Resillience Report), meetings (e.g. Arctic Environment Minister's Meeting) and other initiatives and events.

She would like to see her future role in involving more Arctic communities and stakeholders of the Russian North in circumpolar cooperation through IASSA activities and in a long-term circumpolar socially-oriented monitoring network construction. Being a co-chair ot the International Geographical Union Commission "Cold Region Environments" (IGU CRE) Tatiana Vlasova also see her place as a linking nexus between IASSA and IGU CRE Commission, which sessions are going to be held during the IGU Regional Conference in Moscow 17-21 August 2015 where Polar studies are announced as one of the main themes.


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