Bodø in spring. Photo: Kent Even Grundstad

On October 29, 1992, during First International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences held at the University of Laval in Ste-Foy, Quebec, IASSA's Second General Assembly adopted the first bylaws

In 2005, after 15 years of existence, the IASSA Council tasked itself with looking at adapting the "bylaws to current and future situations" (Northern Notes, Fall/Winter 2005/2006, page 4).  The Council's did come up with some suggestions, but they were not presented at the General Assembly, and therefore were never formally adopted.

The former IASSA Council (2011-2014) did again decide to look at updating the bylaws.  A Sub-Committee was formed, consisting of Peter Schweitzer, Birger Poppel, and Alex King in December 2011. And an early version of the revisions was completed by Piotr Grazcyk and Hannah Strauss.

The new and current bylaws was adopted at the ICASS VIII General Assembly: 

Click here for the current bylaws in pdf format

Click here for the current bylaws in MS Word format

Click here for the Ameded Bylaws (to be adopted)


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Information on previous IASSA Secretariats can be found at the IASSA history page.


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