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About the IASSA listserver

This server list is designed for use by members and others interested in the goals of the International Arctic Social Sciences Association (IASSA). The organization was founded in 1990 to represent Arctic social scientists in international contexts and to provide a network for social scientists working and/or living in the North. Among IASSA's objectives are efforts to ensure that social sciences research is carried out in accordance with ethical principles approved by indigenous peoples and other Northern residents. IASSA also seeks to develop and enhance educational programs that will provide northern residents and those interested in the North with information necessary to improve social, economic, and political conditions in Northern communities.

Information, questions, and communications on this server list will deal broadly with issues affecting Arctic social sciences and with matters of interest to IASSA members. Contributions may include announcements of meetings or conferences, news about upcoming IASSA activities, information about new publications of interest to Arctic social scientists, job announcements, or requests for contacts regarding scholar investigations of particular topics. Postings should be those of interest to a wide audience.

All messages to the IASSA listserver have been approved by the listserv administration before they are posted in order to keep viruses, scams and spam off the list.

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IASSA Secretariat

Nord University
Universitetsalleen 11
P.o. Box 1490
8049 BODØ

Phone:  +47 75 51 79 91

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Information on previous IASSA Secretariats can be found at the IASSA history page.


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